Are you finding it hard to hire engineers and scientists to join your business?

Trident tries harder, reaches out smarter, and pulls out all stops to ensure your success.

Beyond Job Reqs

Let’s face it. Most job requirements were written yesterday to hire for tomorrow. And in that time, technology has changed, your project has evolved, and your needs are now different. Using a dated requirement only sets up the hiring process for failure. We approach start up recruiting differently. By partnering with your firm, we get a deeper insight into your project, product, or as-a-Service platform, and build familiarity with your evolving technology stacks. These insights help us hone our search for the right talent to accelerate your success.


Beyond Job Boards

If we all fish in the same pond, how do you land a shark? Most desirable candidates are already in conversations or in the midst of contract negotiations. Trident is adept at building long-term relationships with the talent we work with. In many cases, we don’t even hit the job boards and hot lists, but work within our trusted network to broadcast our needs, seek discreet introductions, and tap sleeper candidates. As they say, the ideal candidate for you out there doesn’t even know she’s being recruited.