There are over 700,000 jobs unfilled in the IT sector, as reported in a Linkedin survey.
Most enterprises are spending a majority of their dollars on Keeping the Lights On, and CIOs tasked with transformation are challenged by finding the right talent that would lead these transformative projects.


Trident shines where most recruiters give up

Whether it is finding that rare systems engineer required to keep your legacy lights on, or that DevOps engineer to lead your API initiatives, we have found the right talent at the right time. Every time.

No niche too tough

The standard open requirements are easy to fill—there are many candidates who can easily fit the bill or train in a few weeks to deliver on the job profile. But when it comes to finding niche talent, it is an art—of building the right conversations, delivering the right vision, and creating the urgency to move into the active zone. Trident delivers on niche requirements—from understanding your project needs accurately and seeking the right candidate who would add value to your project progress.


We win by winning trust

Many large corporations that began with doubts are today listing us as their “go-to” agency for filling tough requirements. We believe that the only way to win your business is to win your trust by delivering to your needs. We also believe that our talent trusts us with their career goals—from finding new roles to diversifying into different projects with newly learnt skills, we have helped many climb the enterprise ladders over the last decade and more. When we work on trust, everyone wins.

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Trident's client referral program: It’s a way for us to continually serve our existing clients, make new connections, and impact worthy organizations around the world. Refer a business using the form below, and when we match one of our carefully selected associates with the business you referred, we will donate $500 in your name to the charity of your choice!

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