Trident Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based, Minority Woman-Owned IT talent management company that brings a fresh approach to the business of building technology teams in global corporations. With over a decade of experience from playing leadership roles in high-growth staffing firms in the Valley, our executive team brings deep technology domain experience to understand true project needs, and the ability to identify the right talent to fit those projects.

Why are we different?

The Trident Consulting approach to recruiting is built on three core principles of engaging with our clients and consultants.

We take the risk out of recruitment:

Engineering experts who understand current and future trends in technology lead our engagement model. This helps us appreciate our clients’ complex projects and the talent they seek for such execution. We also realize that most projects are constantly evolving, and the recruitment process typically lags the project progress. Working closely with our client teams, we are able to track the project and align our search to match our client’s needs for tomorrow. We are thus able to retain freshness in our search criteria—every time. This has become incredibly valuable to our clients as they strategize to meet their business sponsor needs—allowing us to help them build a truly agile and valuable team.

We bring a fresh approach to search:

At Trident Consulting , we are perfecting a completely different approach to finding talent. From our intimate understanding of our clients’ ever-changing project and thus scope of talent, we are able to identify the right candidate who could be a potential match for the project in its future state. That’s right—we hire for tomorrow, we search for talent with the end goal in mind. This approach helps us spread our focus wide, and unearth unique people who could fulfill our clients’ needs perfectly.

We search in different places:

While we bring the traditional “proprietary database” of fantastic talent, we know that alone just doesn’t cut it. As we keep current with our client’s project, we expand our search to find potential candidates who aren’t even thinking of a change, or use our extensive network of consultants who refer us to unique talent leading projects in different industries or paradigms that could fit such complex requirements. We leverage our social network to constantly engage with a multitude of talent and the projects they are engaged in, and this helps us be alert to identifying the right candidate for the right project at the right time.

We are different in that we know whom to look for, how to look for them and where to find them: the three pillars of success in a trident.

Shabana Siraj is the founder and CEO of our company that has grown to be a renowned name for IT and engineering talent management under her leadership. She brings over a decade of experience in business development, account management, recruiting, and project management. Prior to founding Trident Consulting, Shabana played leadership roles in leading IT companies including HCL, Teledata Technologies, and Tata Communications. Today, Trident Consulting is a preferred vendor to global companies across the U.S., and has expanded to offices in the east coast and in India. As the CEO of the firm, Shabana has expanded the portfolio of our company’s services offerings to include helping companies hire for emerging technologies, fulfill global opportunities, and deliver significant value to client projects.

Shabana has degrees in management from Bharathiar School of Management and Graduate in Accounting from University of Madras and is an active member of the local business community in San Ramon and Silicon Valley.

“My trident recruiter and the team at TRIDENT CONSULTING demonstrated great skill and professionalism by finding my resume on the job boards, hiring me and sponsoring my visa for a job that was a perfect match with my skills and interests and then being in charge of my account while I was working for Trident Consulting. Trident Consulting kept perfectly timed communication and thus created a business relationship, allowing both parties to perform our respective jobs in the best possible way. I would highly recommend them to any IT professional looking at a stable company to work for."

- Bernardo Rivas Carrillo

“It has been a true pleasure working with Trident Consulting Staffing Firm. They were able to place me in a position in a very short time. They did a great job preparing me for the interview and keeping me informed during each stage[s] of the process. Trident Consulting Staffing Firm and their staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding the right job for you! I highly recommend them for your short & long term career goals.”

- Nelson Banerjee, Lead Accounts Executive, HCL America Inc.

"Trident Consulting did a wonderful job of finding me a local project, which was a perfect match for my skills. I am happy to work with Trident, as they are a transparent company, and know how to keep their employees happy and busy. We have a great relationship and I would gladly recommend them to any candidate looking to get a good project."

- Dhananjay

"I have worked with Trident Consulting for over a year now. They are easy to work with and get results quickly, which is crucial when we are working on tight deadlines. Most of our requirements are overnight and are met by Trident Consulting in an effective and efficient manner. Trident Consulting understands our needs and goes beyond our expectations in finding the right match. They handle on-boarding and off-boarding in a timely and efficient manner and my team is very happy working with them."

- Dharma Davarapalli

"I have worked with Trident Consulting for the last four years now, and find them quick to respond, easy to deal with, and transparent in their HR dealings. They do a thorough job of finding the perfect fit for your skill sets, and this is true of the even specialized requirements. I like the fact that they don’t play mind games here and are very meticulous in screening the profiles, so naturally the success rate goes up. Service with a smile and I would recommend Trident Consulting to anyone looking for quality IT services."

- Manish Tejura

"I have worked with Trident Consulting for 4 years now and have always found them to be professional and consistent. They are responsive and quick on the uptake, which means I know that my requirements are met without unnecessary delays. This is especially true with our niche requests – they manage to come up with the right matches time after time! I find it a pleasure to work with Trident Consulting and would surely recommend them to my associates."

- Amit Guha

"Trident Consulting had done a wonderful job of meeting the toughest of my requirements, and with quick efficiency. They are top notch when it comes to meeting hard-to-find skills - I’d work with them any day."

- Rita K

"Have been working with Trident Consulting for the past 3 years, they are very professional and always step up to find good candidates for challenging positions. I would highly recommend their service with any company or candidate".

- Radha Alluri


At Trident Consulting we offer medical plans that fit the needs of our employees and their families. The plans offer different coverage levels, healthcare providers, and costs based on your preferences.

Our medical plans are provided through Anthem BlueCross PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

We Offer:
  • 100% coverage for in-network preventive services and certain cancer screenings (well-child, well-woman, well-man).
  • Access to quality care through networks of providers.
  • Prescription drug coverage.
  • Protection against cost of catastrophic illness or injury.
  • Ability to see a specialist without reference.

Recognition and Rewards

Trident Consulting believes that a satisfied employee is a successful employee. We encourage our employees to go the extra mile, to check one-after-last resume, and to try extra hard. To motivate and incentivize you, we take the extra effort to ensure that you see the value in your work with us.

Every exemplary piece of work is applauded and extraordinary work is amply rewarded with cash and kind incentives. Our “Star of the Quarter” is duly recognized and set up as an example for the rest to emulate.

Trident Consulting conducts periodic training, where we invite industry experts to expose our recruiters and employees to newer ideas and latest trends in the world of IT. We also invite motivational speakers to help us explore and experiment with out-of-the-box thinking.